Toronto MTG Grand Prix 2016


Good luck to the MTG posse heading up to Toronto for the big GP this weekend!

Guidelines for entry fee reimbursement ( Moose Zastrow and Tim Cooper helped lay out the guidelines):

The 13th will reimburse you your entry fee for the Toronto 2016 GP if you fulfill the following guidelines.

1. Wear your 13th shirt at the event
2. Take pictures and post on the main 13th legion Facebook page
3. Place top 5% overall
4. Post deck list/ build used with your thoughts behind it on the Main Facebook page.
5. Have fun ( don’t laugh I’ll be getting verification making sure you had fun:))

As a added bonus whoever places highest in the group, fulfills all of the guidelines above , regardless if you place top 5 % or not gets a booster box of any of the MTG we have in stock.

Good luck!

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