Deck Tech for my GP Toronto Top 64 finish

So first thing i would like to apologize for this taking so long but i got back and life happened.

The weekend before the GP there was the Pro Tour and everyone in the Magic world got to see what the pros had come up with to play in the new standard format. I decided that I was interested in playing Louis Scott Vargas’ G/B Aristocrats list.  The deck is a combo deck that uses your creatures to kill someone without combat damage, even though that can happen, the combo is more efficient.  The Deck is centered around Zulaport Cutthroat. Then you have cards that help you filter through your deck like Collected Company and Duskwatch Recruiter, and Cryptolith Rite allows you to do this at an impressive rate. So after you get a decent board presence, which should only take about 5 turns, you begin to sacrifice your creatures to Nantuko Husk or Westvale Abbey to get drain and gain triggers from the Cutthroat for the win.  But of course their were a few cards that i felt i should change for my play style, and this is that list:

22 Lands

7x forest

3x Swamp

3x Hissing Quagmire

4x Llanowar Wastes

3x Westvale Abbey

2x Evolving Wilds (this is one of the changes i made from the LSV list because i had no way to shuffle my deck if i was ever in a situation to dig and put my non-creature spells on the bottom of my deck, also late game it helps thin the deck by taking 2 lands out of the library for the price of 1)

31 Creatures

4x Blisterrpod

4x Catacomb Sifter

4x Duskwatch Recruiter

4x Elvish Visionary

4x Nantuko Husk

4x Zulaport Cutthroat

2x Liliana, Heretical Healer

3x Loam Dryad (I dropped one of these in favor of an extra copy of the next card)

2x Vile Redeemer (So after a bunch of playtesting i would often get mana flooded so dropping 1 swamp and 1 loam dryad i had room for 2 more cards. Another problem i was having is that i would just lose to multiply sweepers in one game. This card allowed me to repopulate my board presence rather quickly. But, in addition i ended up using it to combo out a turn or even two turns faster than someone playing me in the mirror.)

7x Spells

4x Collected Company

3x Cryptolith Rite


15x Sideboard

3x Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet

2x Nissa, Voice of Zendikar

3x Ultimate Price

1x Vile Redeemer

3x Transgress the Mind

3x  Warping Wail

If you were interested in playing this list i would recommend taking out 1 Transgress and 1 Warping Wail in Favor of 2x Clip Wings.  I just wish i had the card almost ten times during the tournament, specifically against opponents Westvale Abbey.


I have kept records of my round by round results; what desks i played against, what i side-boarded in favor of what and why.

So if you are interested in all of that let me know.

Also, i would like to thank Big Morrow, Cooper, Hot Soup and Harper for helping me playtest and come up with solutions for the problems i was having with the deck and sideboard.

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