The Road to Adepticon.


Things are moving  at a fevered pace in the 13th Legion getting prepared for Adepticon 2017. All of the events we are running this year are completely sold out. If you’d like to see some of the details for events we are running at Adepticon, take look under the events section of the 13th Legion site.

Steve Schlegel “The Gentleman Gamer” is putting together some amazing graphics and play cards to make the events run smooth and seamless. JD “The Commissar” from Memphis has been whipping his crew nonstop, getting scenery ready and everything is coming together very nicely.

This year we will be doing some live video from each of the events.

Stay tuned for more details.

Luckey Dip Painting Challenge Winners

First and foremost  I want to thank everyone who excepted the lucky dip painting challenge.  The entries were all exceptional !  Voting was done on the main Facebook page of the 13th Legion and the results are in.

First Place:

Aaron Steibits


Three way tie for second:

Michael Pierce


Ken Mitch


Chris Pelletier


Third Place:

Brian Miller


Fourth Place:

Kevin Gricius


Fifth Place: 

Dan Price


Honorable Mention 

Andrew Binks



I was so impressed by all of the hard work attention to detail and high quality results that were achieved that I have modified the prize support to reflect the amount of work and effort put in.

Truly amazing job by all!

1st – limited  Edition space marine + 5 paints of your choice

2nd – $25 credit at the compound + 5 paints of your choice

3rd – $20 credit at the compound + 5 paints of your choice

4th – $15 credit at the compound + 5 paints of your choice

5th – $10 credit at the compound + 5 paints of your choice

Honorable Mention – 3 booster packs of MTG







The Guys from the local chapter of IPMS invited the WNY gaming community to there annual plastic model convention. With new categories focused on Miniatures it was loaded with entries. The 13th And Beef And Wing Gaming had a great showing. Here are some highlights with Dan Galligan, Jon Anderson, Ken Mitch, Andrew Binks and David Koszka.

ipms 2016