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Toronto MTG Grand Prix 2016

  Good luck to the MTG posse heading up to Toronto for the big GP this weekend! Guidelines for entry fee reimbursement ( Moose Zastrow and Tim Cooper helped lay out the guidelines): The 13th will reimburse you your entry fee for the Toronto 2016 GP if you fulfill the following guidelines. 1. Wear your […]


  The Guys from the local chapter of IPMS invited the WNY gaming community to there annual plastic model convention. With new categories focused on Miniatures it was loaded with entries. The 13th And Beef And Wing Gaming had a great showing. Here are some highlights with Dan Galligan, Jon Anderson, Ken Mitch, Andrew Binks […]

Adepticon Titanicus Adepticon 2016

I’ve been waiting to play this game all year Dan and I were super excited and pumped for our big game. A simplified version of titan battles not using 40 K rules but  rules from 25 years ago modified to the new larger scale models. It all came back to us in a flash as […]

Kings of War Adepticon 2016

I had a chance to stop by the kings of war doubles tournament  on day one of Adepticon.  I’ve only played one game and I found the game to be super easy fun and enjoyable. But what impresses me most is going to conventions and seeing the amazing dioramas and displays that people don’t. This […]

MTG Two Headed Giant

There is talk of playing this formate in the near future in the group so I have shared WOTC’S official rules below. All 9 pages ….. LOL What is the Two-Headed Giant format? Two-Headed Giant is a sanctioned, competitive format in which two teams of two players each play against one another in a single game. […]