The 13th legion was created as a social club within the gaming community as a place to share ideas and passions for the gaming hobby and to network with other like-minded people.

The 13th legion’s main goal is to connect gamers with each other so that they may share their passion for their specific areas of interest as a relates to gaming. Whether it’s miniature wargaming, collectible card games, board games or anything in between. The main focus of this social club is to connect like minded people and enjoy our hobby together.

We feel that an attempt has never been made to create a universal hub for the gaming community. Whether you’re already a member of another club a frequent shopper at a specific store or perhaps a member of a miniature wargaming  or collectible card game team, there is a place for you in the 13th.

Our goal is not to replace the community that you are already a part of but to allow you to connect with other communities on a much larger scale. Or perhaps even meet a new member of the community right next-door that you didn’t even know existed.

As of this writing we have chapters in six states with over 2000 members.You will find our members at the top Magic the gathering Competitive events, Adepticon, GenCon, Nova Open, LVO  and smaller social gaming gatherings far and wide. If you would like to join a specific chapter go to the chapter page choose the one closest to you and request to join. If you have an event that you would like to promote in the 13th you can create an event in a few easy steps right on our homepage.

This group has been created from a truly selfless perspective.

You are the 13th Legion!

We want to hear from you and create a group that reflects your passion desires and hobby needs.

As a member of the 13th Legion we ask that you follow these rules.

*Hobby/Gaming Related Posts Only*

– We support all games. Any post that is offensive or counterproductive to the group will be deleted immediately and a warning will be issued to the member. If the posting continues it will lead to the removal from the club.

*Speak up if you are uncomfortable*

– If any time you feel you’re being harassed by another member report it immediately to boardmember or admin for review.

*Respect Your Hobby/Gaming Space*

– As you enjoy  your hobby most likely you will be in another members personal space or a gaming store. Be respectful of whatever space you are in. Including cleaning up any messes helping to set up and tear down and generally behaving in a positive way.

Violations of any of the rules above can result in expulsion from the group. These rules are not meant to restrict, control or sanitize the club, but to create a safe positive environment for us all to enjoy our hobby.

Please feel free to communicate with any admins or chapter board members if you have any questions or concerns.