Yup. Its exactly what you think it is, and so much more.

Car Wars

Have you ever wanted to team up with another player and race full-tilt down a 40-foot board in a fight for your very existence in the 40K universe?

Yeah, us too!

That’s why we created a simple and easy to play system that allows for 40k racing in the most insane and apocalyptic style game ever imagined!

On this 40-foot race track you will team up with another player and race representing 1 of 10 40k factions. Each section of the board will have cheering fans that may benefit or hurt you depending on your faction. But don’t worry, that’s not all!  No matter where you are on the track there is a chance that you will be attacked by rogue hive gangers, 40k hooligans, or even the spectators.

The goal of the game is simple, get one member of your team across the finish line without being blasted to smithereens by a landmine, shot down by one of the other players, attacked by hooligans, or stepped on by a Titan, and those are only half of the things that can go wrong for you.  But don’t worry if your vehicle is destroyed.  You can start again and keep on racing!

The racetrack will be 40 feet long and decorated with fully painted buildings, obstacles, and custom-built cheering sections for each of the 10 factions.
You don’t need to bring anything at all to play this game. 
Highly detailed and painted models will be provided for all players and the rules can be learned and understood in less than two minutes.

If you take gaming seriously and do not want to be around a group of people screaming, yelling, and cheering for each other, DO NOT sign up for this event!

If you would like an evening of madcap adventure, wild misfortune, and crazy action-packed adventure, you have landed in the right spot my friend!

Oh, and did we mention there will be an awesome trophy?

We will see you on the racetrack!

There are no rules to learn. No models to bring. Just show up and play! Everything will be provided. We will walk you through the entire process in under 5 minutes.

Click the link below for the quick reference of rules printed on the back of the vehicle cards

Car Wars Quick Reference Sheet

Here are the vehicle cards for the event! All the info you need on one easy to use laminated Sheet.


Here are the area affect cards for the event! Bad things happen if you linger too long in unfriendly territory.