War On A Truly Apocalyptic Scale!

Warhammer 40K apocalypse – 13th legion style!

Last year was the first time we unleashed this massive battle upon Adepticon! Chaos had a sweeping victory and the forces of good are looking for revenge! Even though this is a tournament style event, we keep the pace fast, super-casual, upbeat, and a lot of fun too!

This massive 40-foot long table complete with meticulously painted Games Workshop city boards and monstrous buildings (some towering over 7 feet tall) sets the stage for this truly apocalyptic battle!

Two warlord Titans and a one-of-a-kind Imperator class titan are at your disposal during the game as random non-player specific models. Wreak havoc upon your foes with these unstoppable monstrosities and your own Apocalypse size force as you wage war for the fate of the Emperor!

5000 points per player, painted models preferred but not necessary.

We ask that you submit lists by Tuesday March 21 to laughterofgods@gmail.com.  We use these lists to pair people more efficiently and create a better experience for all players.

Click the link below for full PDF packet.

Adepticon Apocalypse Packet

Here are the rules and FAQ’s.



Army Composition

Each player may spend up to 5k points free of any army composition restrictions. Players are welcome to bring a battle-forged list and they will benefit from any benefits granted therein, including objective secured. A given army may include any number of detachments, dataslates, forgeworld models/units, formations, supplements, and apocalypse formations. However, there is a limit of three factions per player. Players are also welcome to bring a 30k army. If a player chooses to bring a 30k army we ask that he or she uses 30k units wherever possible. Each player may field up to 2 special characters. Regardless of what faction(s) they use, all other players on a player’s side will be considered allies of convenience. We ask that players submit their lists by Tuesday March 21st. Submit lists to laughterofgods@gmail.com.

Game Length

The game will last for exactly 5 turns. Each player turn will be timed and run for 45 minutes or less. If, at the end of the allotted time a player has not finished his or her turn, that player’s turn will simply end. The one exception to this is if an opponent is locked in assault. In this case your opponent may force you to fight that specific assault if he or she so chooses. This is intended to keep a player from slow playing in order to prolong an assault.

Deployment and First Turn

Both sides will secretly bid between 1 and 30 minutes for deployment. The number chosen is the time that side will have to deploy. This includes infiltrators and scout moves. The side that bids lower will automatically take the first turn. Players will deploy in Hammer and Anvil, but with only 18” of no man’s land as shown below.

Special Rules

Multiple Missions Unique Objectives Modified Reserves Strategic Assets Titan Firepower

In the Shadow
Through Objectives, Victory

Multiple Missions

There are three primary missions. Each mission is scored independently of the others. At the end of the game, the side that wins more of these mission types is victorious.

Mission 1 – Progressive Objectives

There will be 3 or 4 objectives on each table in rough accordance with the diagram above. Starting on the first player’s second turn, players score 1 point for every objective they control. A given objective can only be controlled by a single player. These points are scored at the beginning of each player’s turn. Players will also receive an additional objective point for every super heavy vehicle, gargantuan creature, or primarch they destroy. If a player has a unit or formation that grants extra VP’s such as the Corpsethief Claw it will earn them points towards this mission.

Mission 2 – Modified Maelstrom

Every turn there will be 2 maelstrom style objectives. These objectives are scored at the end of the player turn and can only be achieved during that specific player turn.

Mission 3 – King of the Hill

There will be 5 themed pieces of terrain on the battlefield. At the end of turn five the side that has the most points within 3” of a given terrain piece controls it. Each side will have one additional objective only it can take/hold.

Unique Objectives

In addition to these 5 king of the hill objectives, each side will have a unique secret objective. If achieved this objective will count as a King of the Hill objective controlled by that side. Each team will pick their secret objective from a pool of potential choices.


Modified Reserves

Rather than rolling for reserves as normal or using the rules as listed in the most recent Apocalypse Book, players can reserve any models/units they want. Up to half of these units (rounding down) may be brought in on turn 2. The remaining units will then automatically arrive on turn 3. If you have special rules that would enable you to bring models in from reserve on turn 1 such as drop pod assault or the Nemesis Strike Force, up to half of the units able to arrive on turn 1 may be automatically brought on from reserves starting turn 1. The remaining units then enter reserves and will arrive on turn 2 and/or 3 as above.

Strategic Assets

We will be using the Strategic Assets from the Apocalypse rulebook and expansions. If you don’t have these, don’t worry. We will be bringing copies of all the assets and you can read up on them the morning of the event. We will not be using any asset that allows you to bring back a super heavy vehicle or gargantuan creature.

Titan Firepower

Each Side will have control of titan level firepower. Each player-turn the table/opponents that finish their turn first will be allowed to control their sides titan level firepower. The attacks generated in this way will have their own phase at the end of each player-turn lasting 10 minutes. No table can control this firepower more than once.

In the Shadow

Each table will have at least 2 medium sized intact buildings to block line of sight and create a cityscape. Any non-super heavy/gargantuan creature within 3” of one of these intact buildings will automatically get a 4+ cover save. This includes vehicles. Any model occupying the top of one of these buildings will also get this save.

Through Objectives Victory

An infantry unit that is holding an objective may gain one of the following USR’s: Skyfire, Tankhunter, Monster Hunter, or Preferred Enemy (everyone on the other side).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I saw something about submitting lists early. What is with that?

A: We are asking players to submit lists early so that we can do a better job of pairing opponents and create a better play experience for everyone. Submitting your list will earn you some cool swag. Please submit lists to laughterofgods@gmail.com

Q: What is this about swag swag?

A: In addition to swag for people who turn in lists ahead of time there will also be in-game awards you can receive. These awards will probably not be given out for winning the game.

Q: I am a little confused about all of these different mission objectives. What is going on with them?

A: We like to have a lot of goals to fight over to keep players occupied until the end, but at the same time not have the early turns be pointless so we run 3 different primary style objectives at the same time. We will have a score sheet for you each turn that helps clarify things. Additionally, each team will have Supreme Overlord to help the players on his or her side.

Q: I play Tyranids or another army without allies, can I still play?

A: Yes, you can still play. All players will count all other players on their side as allies of convenience regardless of the Allies Matrix.

Q; I don’t have any super heavies or other crazy stuff. Will I get wiped off the table?

A: No you won’t. Lots of people will just be taking 5,000 points worth of units from their basic codex.

Q: I noticed you mentioned Strategic Assets in the Mission Special Rules. What are they?

A: Strategic Assets are Apocalypse specific rules. You can find their rules in the Apocalypse Rulebook and the Apocalypse supplements. If you don’t have access to those books don’t worry. We will also have actual cards available for players the day of the event, so don’t feel like you need to spend a ton of time worrying about them. It is just something extra to make your army a little unique.

Q: How competitive will this event be?

A: Probably not very competitive. Some players might have more competitive lists than others, but mostly we are out to have a good time, roll some dice, and maybe talk a lot of trash. If you are planning on stomping face you are probably registered for the wrong event.

Q: Do I need to let you know what I am bringing?

A: Yes and no. If you show without letting us know you can play, but we ask that you submit your list the Tuesday before the event. Any player that submits his or her list will get some great swag. We are collecting lists so that we can more effectively pair players and create a more fun and compelling experience.

Q: How will the sides be determined?

A: We will first make sure the sides are even in terms of number of players and ability. After that, we will do our best to group players together by Faction so no player has to play against the same army type.

Q: Does everything have to be painted?

A: Yes. The hobby is important to us, but we understand that everyone paints at a different level. Simply paint to your ability.

Q: Can I field Space Marines, Grey Knights, Imperial Knights, and Guard?

A: We ask that you limit your army to three factions. This is just to make things easier for your opponent. Please keep your opponent in mind when you design your list. Keep things simple and don’t try to steamroll your opponent with some ridiculous agglomeration of factions.
Q: There is a rule in the full Apocalypse book that allows us to bring back Super Heavy Vehicles and Gargantuan Creatures. Are we using that rule?
A: No, we are not using that rule, as it is just frustrating.

Q: Will you be using any kind of modified rules or FAQ?

A: We will be using the full GW and ITC FAQ to resolve any confusion or rules questions. We will not be using any rules modifications. However, this is not license to be a jerk to your opponent. This game lasts all day. Make sure your opponent has a good time too.

Q: Will you be removing wrecked vehicles from the table?

A: No. We will be providing you with LED wreck markers to use in our game as we want the table to be littered with glowing dead vehicles.

Q: Will you be using Night Fight or Warlord Traits?

A: No. Neither will be used in this game.

Q: Can you explain how reserves work in more detail?

A: In most cases you will bring half of the units that you reserved (rounding down) onto the table at the beginning of your second turn. You can choose which models to bring in without rolling as they will simply arrive. Then, at the beginning of your third turn any remaining units you have in reserve arrive. At this point in time you will typically have no more forces in reserve. All of this is done without any type of rolling. If you have models/units that have a special rule that allows them to arrive from reserve at the beginning of your first turn you can still opt to use these rules. Up to half of the units that are available can arrive in this manner. This means that if you have 6 drop pods and 6 units inside those drop pods for a total of 12 first turn available units, you could bring in 3 drop pods and 3 units inside for a total of 6 out of 12 available units. The remaining 6 units are counted as standard reserves and will arrive half on turn 2 and half on turn 3. If you are taking an Apocalypse Formation that formation counts as a single unit for the purposes of reserves. However, standard formations such as the Space Marine Librarius Conclave or the Necron Canoptek Harvest count each individual unit.

Q: Can I roll my psychic powers before the game starts?

A: We try to keep things moving. Feel free to roll your powers before the game starts. If you aren’t trustworthy, you aren’t welcome.

Q: How does the psychic phase work?

A: We try to keep the game moving. If you cast a power at an opponent or otherwise on that opponent’s table give him or her time to figure out their psychic dice and roll an extra D6. The base psychic dice are used across the entire turn, no matter how many opponents target that player, but that player gains an additional D6 for each opponent so casting.