30 Year Space Marine Lucky Dip Painting Challenge!


In celebration of the 30th  anniversary of the Space Marine we are running a contest for one of the 30th anniversary Limited Edition Space Marines!

Each person will choose a model of their liking and 5 random paints using random.org and the attached list. All 5 colors pulled for the challenge must be incorporated into the model. Additionally you can use White and Black paints but they cannot be used as a primary color on the model. The paints pulled from will be base and layer paints only. Post the model you will be entering and the 5 colors you were randomly given in this post on the  The Thirteenth Legion main Facebook page.

All entries will be due on May 1st and each 13th member will have 3 votes for the models they like the best.  Voting will cease on May 7th and the winners will be announced on May 8th. All voting will be on the main The Thirteenth Legion Facebook page.

The prizes are as follows:

1st Place – 30 year Limited Edition Space Marine
2nd Place – 10 Man Tactical Squad
3rd Place – 3 Man Tactical Squad


Good luck brothers and sisters!

FAQ Below

Use the randomizer 5 times to generate your paints from the list below.

  1. Averland Sun
  2. Jokaero Orange
  3. Mephiston Red
  4. Khorne Red
  5. Naggaroth Night
  6. Daemonette Hide
  7. Kantor Blue
  8. Macragge Blue
  9. Caledon Sky
  10. Stegadon scale green
  11. Incubi Darkness
  12. Caliban Green
  13. Waaaagh! Flesh
  14. Castellan green
  15. Death world forest
  16. Zandri dust
  17. Steel Legion Drab
  18. Bugmans Glow
  19. Ratskin Flesh
  20. Mournfang brown
  21. XV-88
  22. Rhinox hide
  23. Dryad bark
  24. Mechanicus standard grey
  25. Celestus grey
  26. Rakarth flesh
  27. The fang
  28. Screamer pink
  29. Leadblecher (metal)
  30. Balthasar Gold (metal)
  31. Screaming Bell (metal)
  32. Warplock brown (metal)
  33. Retributor Armor (metal)
  34. Yriel Yellow
  35. Flash gitz yellow
  36. Troll slayer orange
  37. Fire dragon bright
  38. Evil sunz scarlet
  39. Wild Rider red
  40. Wazdakka red
  41. Squig Orange
  42. Xereus Purple
  43. Genestealer Purple
  44. Warpfiend Grey
  45. Slaanesh Grey
  46. Alaitoc blue
  47. Hoeth blue
  48. Altdorf guard blue
  49. Calgar blue
  50. Teclis blue
  51. Lothern blue
  52. Sotek green
  53. Temple guard blue
  54. Kabalite green
  55. Sybarite green
  56. Warpstone glow
  57. Moot green
  58. Warboss green
  59. Skarsnik green
  60. Loren Forest
  61. Straken green
  62. Nurgling green
  63. Elysian green
  64. Ogryn camo
  65. Ushabti Bone
  66. Screaming skull
  67. Tallarn sand
  68. Karak stone
  69. Cadian fleshstone
  70. Kislev Flesh
  71. Bestigor flesh
  72. Ungor flesh
  73. Skrag brown
  74. Deathclaw brown
  75. Tau light Ochre
  76. Balor brown
  77. Zamesi brown
  78. Doombull brown
  79. Tuskigor fur
  80. Gorthor Brown
  81. Baneblade Brown
  82. Dawnstone
  83. Administratum grey
  84. Eshin grey
  85. Dark reaper
  86. Thunderhawk blue
  87. Skavenblight dinge
  88. Stormvermin fur
  89. Ulthuan grey
  90. Pallid wych flesh
  91. Russ grey
  92. Fenrisian grey
  93. Pink horror
  94. Emperors Children
  95. Ironbreaker (metal)
  96. Runefang steel (metal)
  97. Gehennas gold(metal)
  98. Auric Armour(metal)
  99. Hashut Copper(metal)
  100. Sycorax Bronze(metal)
  101. Brass Scorpion(metal)
  102. Runelord Brass(metal)
  103. Liberator Gold (metal)

Drogo Knotwise : re-roll any duplicates randomly given in the paint randomizer

Aaron Stiebitz : ONLY 28mm based models (can be any 40k 28mm model)

Drogo Knotwize : Must be Games Workshop Model

Aaron Stiebitz : You do not need to be in town to enter.ALL 13TH members can enter. Everything you need is on the 13ths website and here. Follow the link above to the 13ths site for the rules.

Michael Borden: You can use black and white however you want. The only other colors you can use are the 5 that are randomly generated for you.

Multiple Members: Do I have to use GW paint? No, Use the randomizer then follow the conversion chart found here for the paints you own. still list the GW colors you were randomly given then list the conversion next to it on the main The Thirteenth Legion.


Ken Mitch: conversions are ok

Ken Mitch: 28mm base Games Workshop miniatures only

Ken Mitch: models will be judged on overall appearance. Base armor, scales, shading, hair , nails, makeup…. ????

Ken Mitch: yes you can mix the 5 colors to make any color you want

Legion Steve: Let’s see how long we can make the FAQ….

4 replies
  1. Brother Corruption
    Brother Corruption says:

    Can we use grey primer? Are washes/ necron compound/ technicals allowed?

    Count Brother Corruption in regardless.

    • Legion Steve
      Legion Steve says:

      hello Brother!

      white and black primer only. only the 103 colors (randomized 5) are allowed. but you can mix them any way you want.
      Good luck!

      Ps dan told me you don’t use facebook. send me the photo of your finished model along with the 5 paints asigend randomly and i will post it there for voting.


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