• Piker Paint and Take, Weekender style (Auxiliary Event)

    Men and Women of the 13th. We invite all to create your own work of art on canvas. We can accommodate up to 20. So, Ladies, now we have something to do! Hubbies are welcome too! $40 fee. 20 person limit. First come, first serve. Please comment as you register so I can tally who was first. Also, please comment any plus…

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  • Compound Weekender – MTG Sealed Two Headed Giant

    Find a friend, partner up then come and do battle at The Compound for our first annual Compound Weekender!
    The format will be limited MTG, sealed two headed giant. You and your teammate will each get 4 packs of cards that you can combine to make two separate decks and battle against other teams.

    4 rounds (1 - 50…

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  • 40k Doubles – Compound Weekender 2017

    Kicking off the Compound Weekender with 40k Saturday.

    The latest edion of Warhammer 40000 is out and we are running our 1st Tournament event under the Match Play rules at the Compound.

    Each Player must build a 1000 point Army ( 2000 for whole team ) All Teams must share at least 1 common faction keyword. The team…

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  • Compound Weekender!

    Our first Compound weekender!


    A whole weekend of fun! The Buffalo Chapters open house weekend at the compound. Invite friends and family for a weekend of fellowship games and activities.


    Sign up for individual events will be done on the website. links below.


    Free Piker…

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